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House Raising FAQ

  • What does it cost to raise a house?
    House raising is not a simple thing to do.  The cost is determined by several factors including your existing structure construction and condition, how high and what type of foundation it will be placed on.  Decks, porches, garages and stairs are also factored in. 

  • Will the house be damaged by house raising?
    In most cases nothing will be damaged at all.  Some instances there may be a few drywall cracks or tile, but it is rare.

  • How does the ABFE affect flood insurance premiums?

    Homeowners must raise their homes to at least their new ABFE to avoid drastic flood insurance premium increases.  Homeowners that raise their homes an additional two feet above the ABFE could be offered even lower flood insurance rates.  Often times, the long term insurance savings can offset the cost of raising the home.
  • What is an ABFE?   ABFE (or BFE) stands for Advisory Base Flood Elevation.

    This refers to the highest elevation of water expected at any given location in the chance of a flood event.  FEMA uses updated coastal studies methodologies and topographical data to update the ABFE.  The new ABFE is expected to be released by FEMA in early June 2013.


We not only lift your home, but we also offer a wide range of services to put your home back together or re-design some of the pre-existing work you had in place.

Once we determine your budget, we can inform you of what extras may or may not be possible during the time of your house raising. but don't worry, the majority of our previous clients always come back at later dates to do more work!

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